What happened to Adriano?

Adriano was a powerful striker who was seen as Ronaldo’s natural successor. But he lost his mojo when he started breaching club discipline code. He was seen at parties and missed training sessions.


What happened to Adriano?


The first decade of the 2000s saw an excellent version of the Brazilian national football team. Right now, it is possible to visit 1xBet – bet sites in Nigeria offering the best odds for those who decide to wager on the Brazilian squad.


After Brazil obtained the 2002 FIFA World Cup title, the squad still looked very good. There were high hopes about it also claiming the 2006 FIFA World Cup title. Some of the players that were part of this great squad were:


  • Ronaldo;
  • Kaká;
  • Ronaldinho;
  • and Adriano.


Adriano was a powerful striker who was seen as Ronaldo’s natural successor. While Ronaldo was struggling with his form and with his continuous knee problems, it was thought that Adriano would become the next great Brazilian striker. Fans can visit the 1xBet Nigeria website, which is the best bet site in the country, and among other things, has all the matches from the Brazilian team.




A bright start and conquering Europe

Adriano played professionally between 2000 and 2016. His start was at Flamengo, where he scored lots of goals in his debut season. In fact, it was because of this impressive debut that also in 2000 he was called for the Brazilian national team for the first time. Flamengo and all the other teams from the Brazilian local leagues are available at the 1xbet.ng/en/line website.


Adriano’s great performances quickly caught the eye of representatives from Inter Milan, who quickly signed the player. After a loan to Fiorentina and a short spell at Parma, the Brazilian returned to Inter, where he became an undisputed starter. However, his last years in the Italian Serie A would also start showing the downfall of his career. Whenever someone wants to bet on the great Italian football competitions, the best website to visit for that purpose is the 1xBet platform.

A brilliant but wasted career

Adriano had everything to become the best striker in the world. He was powerful, agile and also was capable of shooting with both feet. Before the next match of the Brazilian national team begins, try some rewarding games on the 1xbet.ng/en/casino/ website.


The striker left Inter in 2009. However, prior to his definite departure, there were already lots of signs that suggested that the player was having problems outside of the field. Not only was he far from his best performances. He was also breaking the club’s discipline multiple times. He was seen at parties and missed training sessions.


Those at Inter’s management had enough. They agreed to an early termination of the Brazilian’s contract. Adriano later returned to various clubs in Brazil. However, he never recovered his best form. The 1xBet casino has excellent games, and they can be enjoyed while following the Brazilian football competitions.