Training Course in Mobile Data Collection, Analysis and Mapping Using ODK

Training Course in Mobile Data Collection, Analysis and Mapping Using ODK

ODK Training Course Kenya by T4D
Training Course in Mobile Data Collection, Analysis and Mapping Using ODK

ODK Training Course

What is ODK?

So, what is ODK or what is the meaning of ODK?

Well, ODK is actually an acronym for Open Data Kit. ODK is a set of free and open-source tools that are used for field data collection using Android mobile phones (Devices).

Over the years, Open Data Kit has emerged as one of the most popular tools for projects data collection especially because it allows offline mobile data collection and submission to an online cloud server in challenging environments.

You can read more about ODK on this blog post we did sometimes back and leave a comment – What is Open Data Kit – ODK?

What is Mobile Data Collection?

Moving on swiftly,  what is mobile data collection?

Mobile data collection is the use of mobile devices to collect data in the field. These mobile devices could be mobile phones or tablets. We have 3 major categories of mobile device/phones namely:

  1. Android devices – Devices running the Android Mobile Operating System
  2. iPhone devices – Devices running theIOS and
  3. Windows devices – Devices running the Windows mobile operating system.

ODK works best with Android devices.

You can read more about mobile data collection here and leave a comment – What is Mobile Data Collection

Free and Open Source Mobile Data Collection Tools &Technologies

These are some of the free and opensource mobile data collection tools. Kindly contact the author here if you have any additions to the list.

  1. Open Data Kit ODK – Supports offline mobile data collection using Android devices. Supports cloud data storage.
  2. ODK X – The ODKX Tool Suite is free and open-source software for collecting, managing, and using data in resource-constrained environments. In ODKX, developers and data managers can create data management applications that consist of survey forms as well as Javascript-based apps that support case management and also longitidunal data collection. You can read more here – Training Course in ODK-X for Longitudinal Data Collection, Management and Analysis
  3. KoBo ToolboxKoBoToolbox is a suite of tools for field data collection for use in challenging environments. You can read more about KoBoToolbox here – Training Course in Mobile Data Collection Using KoBoToolbox
  4. CSPro for Android – CSEntry, CSPro’s data collection tool, is available as an Android application from the Google Play store. This application can be used to run data entry applications on devices such as phones or tablets running Android version 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or higher. CSPro data entry applications can be designed on Windows machines and then run on either Windows or Android devices. Read more about CSPro and CSEntry here – Training Course in Mobile Data Collection using CSEntry – CSPro

Other great Mobile Data Collection Tool &Technologies (Some are paid but have free versions adequate for small projects)

  1. ona – Ona is a Mobile Data Collection solution and application that empowers field teams. Ona provides a web and mobile app that allows the monitoring of real-time field data collection. It also allows you to visualize, manage, analyse and map your data.
  2. SurveyCTO – Supports Mobile data collection, automated statistical checks, real-time monitoring toolkit, sensor meta-data for QC and has a  robust form testing interface
  3. HojiHoji provides powerful, easy-to-use and secure mobile data collection technology for NGOs, businesses and consultants
  4. RapidPro – RapidPro lets you visually build interactive SMS applications and launch them anywhere in the world.
  5. Magpi – Magpi lets you quickly create mobile forms and deply them to any form and create reports with beautiful visualization of your data.
  6. Mobenzi – Enables Organisations To Measure And Maximize Their Impact. Coordinate field teams. Inform decision-makers. Empower fieldworkers. Features include: Mobile Data Collection, Workflow Automation, Offline Case Management, Data & Team Management.
  7. Visitbais – Mobile data collection app, merchandising, retail audits, field marketing, field sales, field activities.
  8. Episurveyor – Works with EpiInfo for epidemiology data collection and management.
  9. Dimagi CommcareDimagi allows you to build a mobile data collection app to gather actionable data while guiding your team to do their best work
  10. FulcrumFulcrum is a mobile data collection platform that allows you to easily build mobile forms & collect data anywhere, anytime! – Available on iOS & Android

The ODK Ecosystem

The ODK – Open Data Kit ecosystem includes the following components:

ODK Collect – Used for data collection on Android mobile devices

ODK Build – Provides a friendly GUI based questionnaire coding or form authoring  environment

XLSForm – A form standard created to help simplify the authoring of forms in Excel. It provides a practical standard for sharing and collaborating on authoring forms. You can learn and read more about XLSForm here

ODK Aggregate – ODK Aggregate is an open-source Java application that stores, analyzes, and presents XForm survey data collected using ODK Collect or other OpenRosa-compliant applications. It supports a wide range of data types and is designed to work well in any hosting environment.

ODK Central – ODK Central is an Open Data Kit server alternative that is early in its development. Like ODK Aggregate, it manages user accounts and permissions, stores form definitions, and allows data collection clients like ODK Collect to connect to it for form download and submission upload.

ODK BriefcaseODK Briefcase is a desktop application that runs on macOS, Windows, and Linux. It is used for pulling, pushing, and exporting forms on ODK servers such as ODK Central and ODK Aggregate. You can also use Briefcase to pull forms directly from ODK Collect.

ODK Forum – The ODK Forum is the home of the online ODK Community. It is the place to share ideas about mobile data collection for social good, to get support on Open Data Kit, and to share expertise with the community.

Other tools in the ODK ecosystem are:

ODK Aggregate VM, ODK XLSForm Converter, ODK Validate, GEOODK, ODK Scanner, ODK Printers and the ODK Sensor Framework.

About the training

This is the best and most comprehensive training course in Mobile Data Collection using ODK. The course will focus on the popularly used free and open-source tools for mobile data collection but will also give a mention to the other mobile data collection tools that are available.

If you are looking for an ODK Training in Kenya or a mobile data collection training in Kenya or any part of the world, this training course is for you. Participants will learn how to collect, manage, visualize and analyze project field data using mobile phones and devices. This training course in ODK is also for learners who are looking for: ODK Training manual, ODK PPT manual, ODK training pdf guide, ODK virtual and online training, ODK question types and ODK form coding and authoring training, ODK enumerator’s training.


Who should attend?

This training course is suitable for anyone who is interested in learning how to collect and manage project data using mobile devices and Open Data Kit – ODK tools.


This course is designed for participants who are reasonably proficient in English and have an understanding of basic ICT concepts. No prior knowledge in ODK is required.


5 Days

Course Objectives

The course will introduce participants to tools and techniques to gather data for project/programme outcomes to stakeholders using innovative Mobile data collection tools such as ODK and other implementations of the ODK technologies.

At the end of the course, you will be able to design a mobile data collection, analysis and reporting platform using ODK.

Tools to be covered

  • ODK Collect
  • ODK Build
  • ODK aggregate
  • ODK Central
  • ODK Sensors
  • ODK Validate
  • ODK Briefcase
  • ODK XLSForm
  • ODK Javarosa

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Course Contents

Module I

  • ICT Refresher
  • Introduction to  Mobile Data Collection (MDC)
  • Benefits of Mobile Data Collection (MDC)
  • Challenges facing Mobile Data Collection and their workaround
  • Introduction to the ODK ecosystem
  • Introduction to basic ODK XLSForm syntax for survey authoring

Module II

Getting started – Survey authoring using ODK XLSForm

  • Types of questions
  • Data types for each question
  • Types of questionnaire and Form logic
  • Extended data types geoid, image and multimedia

Form Validation and Conversion for ODK

  • Converting XLSForm to XML forms using ODK XLSForm.
  • ODK Validate for validating XML forms
  • Troubleshooting common syntax errors

Device calibration (Mobile Phones/Tablets) – ODK Collect

  • Introduction to ODK Collect
  • ODK Collect installation and configuration
  • Uploading forms into ODK Collect manually
  • Downloading form into ODK Collect from ODK Aggregate server
  • Hands-on Exercise

Hosting survey data (Online) – ODK Aggregate

  • Introduction to Google app engine for ODK
  • Introduction to ODK Aggregate
  • ODK Aggregate – Download and setup
  • ODK Aggregate administration and calibration
  • Data analysis in ODK aggregate

Module III

Intermediate Survey Authoring for ODK

  • New data types
  • Notes and dates
  • Multiple-choice Questions
  • Multiple Language Support
  • Hints, metadata and more
  • Conditional Survey Branching
  • Required questions
  • Constraining responses
  • Skip: Asking Relevant questions
  • The specify (other)
  • Grouping questions.
  • Skipping many questions at once (Skipping a section)

Hands-on Exercises

Module IV

Advanced Survey Authoring for ODK

  • Repeating a set of questions
  • Special formatting
  • Making dynamic calculations
  • Survey Styling and formatting – Working with the appearance column
  • Working with media files
  • Cascading select
  • External selects
  • Conducting Longitudinal surveys

Hands-on Exercises

Module V

Form Design using web platforms

  • KoBo ToolBox
  • ODK Build

Downloading data

  • Downloading data from ODK Aggregate
  • Introduction to ODK Briefcase
  • Download and setup ODK Briefcase
  • ODK Briefcase calibration and administration

Hand-on Exercise

  • Presentation of course project by participants
  • Action plan
  • Closure

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This instructor-led training course is delivered using a blended learning approach and comprises of presentations, guided sessions of practical exercise, web-based tutorials and group work. Our facilitators are seasoned industry experts with years of experience, working as professional and trainers in these fields.

All facilitation and course materials will be offered in English. The participants should be reasonably proficient in English.


Upon successful completion of this training, participants will be issued with a certificate of participation.

Training Venue

The training is residential and will be held at the T4D Training Centre in Westlands Nairobi, Kenya. The course fee covers the course tuition, training materials, two break refreshments, lunch, and study visits.

All participants will additionally cater for their, travel expenses, visa application, insurance, and other personal expenses.


Accommodation is arranged upon request. For reservations contact the Training Officer.

Email: [email protected]

Mobile Number: +254 706909947

Training Fees

The course fee is KES 75,000.00 or USD 1,100.00 exclusive of VAT. The course fees covers the course tuition, training materials, two (2) break refreshments, lunch and study visits. Participants will cater for their travel and accommodation costs.


Payment should be transferred to Tech For Development account through bank on or before the course starting date.

Send proof of payment to [email protected]

Tailor- Made

This scheduled course can also be tailored to your organization. To find out how our tailor-made training can help your organization kindly contact our team via:

Email: [email protected]

Mobile Number: +254 706909947

Joint bids and sub-contracting

We are available for joint bids and sub-contracting for assignments such as market studies & surveys, baseline studies, mid-term evaluations, end-term evaluations and any other scientific studies.

We will bring in our expertise to set up a mobile data collection platform, oversee, administer and manage the data collection exercise.

Other related Services

We also offer the services below upon request.

  1. Training in individual ODK components such as ODK Aggregate, ODK manage, ODK Build, XLSForms syntax, ODK scanner, ODK print, ODK Briefcase, ODK collect, ODK X among others
  2. Kobo Training Manual
  3. Kobo training pdf guide
  4. Kobo training course
  5. Kobo online training
  6. KoBoToolbox training
  7. Kobo collect training  (For enumerators)

Kindly contact us via the details below for more information:

Email: [email protected]

Mobile: +254 706 909947