Online Training Course in KoBoToolbox

Online Training Course in KoBoToolbox

Online Training Course in Mobile Data Collection Using KoBoToolbox
Online Training Course in Mobile Data Collection Using KoBoToolbox

Online Training Course in KoBoToolbox

Course Preview

Course Information

Course Name:  Mobile Data Collection Using KoboToolbox

Delivery Mode: E-learning (Online/Web-based/Self-paced)

Course Duration: 5 hrs

Course Price: USD 300 or KSH 30,000

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About this course

Advances in information technology have opened exciting new avenues for how research is conducted and data is collected, with huge implications to monitoring and evaluation (M&E). One of these advances is the use of Mobile Data Collection (MDC). Instead of collecting data on paper using a pen, which is then manually entered into a database for analysis, data is input into a device which is then capable of exporting directly into a centralized database for processing and analysis.

One of the commonly used tools is KoBoToolboxKoBoToolbox has been used to observe elections, monitor rainforests, track outbreaks,  conduct one-off surveys, rapid assessments, baseline studies, project mid-term evaluation, project end-term evaluation,  market research, during and directly following disasters and in many other cases.

KoBoToolbox allows for data collection using Android mobile devices and data submission to an online server. This training will equip the participants with skills to author, field and manage mobile data collection platform using KoBoToolbox

Who should take this course?

This is a hands-on course for anyone who wishes to learn how to setup a mobile based system to collect, manage, analyze and map data using KoBoToolbox.

About the instructor

The instructors are seasoned implementers of mobile based data collection systems in custom android apps, ODK, KoBoToolbox, CSEntry,, Survey CTO, Magpi  among others.

What is KoBoToolbox?

KoBoToolbox is a suite of free and open-source tools for field data collection using mobile devices for use in challenging environments. Most of KoBoToolbox users are people working in humanitarian crises, as well as aid professionals and researchers working in developing countries.

What can you do with KoBoToolbox?

  1. Build complex forms with skip logic and validation using KoBoToolbox Form Builder or XLSForm (XLSForm is recommended for larger forms)
  2. Collect data offline on a mobile device and send it to a cloud server.
  3. Collect data using any mobile devices via the webforms
  4. Map data
  5. Visualize, manage and analyze data
  6. Store collected data on a server and extract it in useful formats for analysis
  7. Export data for analysis

Course Objectives

This online training course in Mobile Data Collection using KoBoToolbox will teach learners to:

  1. Build/design complex forms with skip logic and validation in KoBoToolbox Form Builder and in Microsoft Excel (XLSForms syntax)
  2. Easily share projects with colleagues
  3. Design, Import and export XLSForms
  4. Collect data online/offline on mobile devices or on any browser
  5. Create summary reports with graphs and tables
  6. Visualize collected data on a map
  7. Disaggregate data in reports and maps
  8. Export data
  9. Access collected data through an API

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, learners will be able to:

  1. Setup an account in KoBoToolbox
  2. Digitize any complex questionnaire to a digital form that can be used for data collection on mobile devices and on browsers.
  3. Visualize, manage and analyze data in KoBoToolbox.
  4. Map data in KoBoToolbox.
  5. Collect data on mobile devices and browsers
  6. Extract/Export data from KoBoToolbox for analysis.

Course requirements

  1. Basic computing skills
  2. A mobile device running Android OS
  3. Knowledge in Microsoft Excel
  4. Access to the internet
  5. Proficiency in English

Course Outline

  1. Introduction to KoBoToolbox (Environment setup and architecture, Benefits of mobile data collection)
  2. Course project questionnaire overview
  3. KoBoToolbox home interface overview
  4. Getting started (Signing up in KoBotoolbox, Creating and account)
  5. KoBoToolbox user interface
  6. Creating our first project and data types
  7. Introduction to the KoBoToolbox form builder (Getting started with our first question, text, hints, required questions)
  8. Select one, select many, grouping questions
  9. Download and install KoBo Collect mobile application
  10. Deploy forms for data collection
  11. Collecting data on mobile devices and submitting to a cloud server
  12. A preview of submitted data on the server
  13. How to edit a project
  14. Advanced survey authoring (Relevance, constraints, skip patterns, specify other, required, notes, calculations)
  15. Advanced survey authoring cont’
  16. Rich data (photos, audio, video, gps)
  17. Reviewing our form and form and deploying for data collection
  18. Collecting data on mobile devices and submitting to a server
  19. Reports, tables, maps, data editing and downloading for analysis
  20. Metadata


Upon successful completion of this training, participants will be issued with a certificate of participation.


Virtual support is available anytime on request.

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