Training Course in UI/UX Design & Prototyping using Adobe XD

Adobe XD is a vector-based design tool developed for UI/UX design by Adobe.
Training-course-in-Installation Use and Management of Data Using Open HDS and ODK-t4d

Training Course in Installation Use and Management of Data Using Open HDS and ODK

The OpenHDS maintains a consistent record of significant demographic events that occur to a population in a fixed geographic region and generates up to date registration books.

Linux Administration Training Course

Linux is a major force in computing technology, powering everything from mobile phones and personal computers to supercomputers and servers.

Training Course in Adobe Illustrator CC Masterclass

This course explains the key concepts and techniques for producing vector-based artwork.
Training Course in Machine Learning with Python

Training Course in Machine Learning with Python

Registration Online Registration View Course Catalogue Machine Learning is a subset of AI. With Machine Learning,...

Training Course in ODK-X for Longitudinal Data Collection, Management and Analysis

This ODK generation comes with advanced features that will revolutionize mobile data collection technologies as we know them.

Integrated Digital Marketing Strategies Training Course

The course looks at the digital marketing process, online & mobile advertising platforms, and how they relate to each other as well as to offline media.
Training-Course-in-email-campaing-marketing- T4D

Email marketing using Mailchimp, Zoho and Benchmark Training Course

We explore the trends around regions, what the impact these trends are on consumers, measuring and analyzing ROI, creatives that work, industry best practices and standards as well as new and innovative uses of the technology in email marketing.
Introduction to Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Training Course on Introduction to Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Registration Online Registration View Course Catalogue Blockchain The blockchain is an incorruptible...
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Training Course in Nutrition Assessment and Survey using ENA/ EPIINFO Course

The nutritional assessment and survey is done to obtain information about the prevalence and geographic distribution of nutritional disorders within a community or a specified population group.

Training Course in Mobile Data Collection using ONA

This training course will teach learners how to author surveys, field mobile data collection applications, and submit data to an online server in

Training Course in Quantitative Data Management, Analysis And Visualization With Python

This course will take you from the basics of Python to exploring many different types of data.

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